40 Piece Downhill Duo Set

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Only 2 pieces in stock!

Ready, set, go!  With the new MAGNA-TILES® Downhill Duo 40-Piece set, kids are in the driver’s seat!  Little ones can turn their MAGNA-TILES® build into an exciting downhill adventure, in just a few clicks. A great new way to inspire their imagination, build their motor skills, and support their STEAM learning!  

  • 40 piece set
  • 24 squares, 4 ramps, 2 vehicles, 2 figures, 6 roads squares, 2 finish line rectangles
  • Sparks hours of imaginative free platy in children. Anything they can dream, they can create.
  • Develops math, science, spatial and tactile skills.
  • STEAM approved.
  • Safe, durable tiles made with food-grade ABS (PBA free) plastic, free of phthalates and latex
  • Ages 3 and up


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