Rail & Road Travel Set

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Here comes the passenger train! The two-wagon train is ready to take the passengers around this magnificent BRIO train world. Look out the window and see the cars stopping at the road crossing along the tracks. Lucky that the train arrives on time, some passengers need to switch over and catch the bus!

  • Includes 33 pieces 
  •  1x Bus/train station
  •  2x Level crossings,
  •  13x Pieces of train track,
  •  5x Pieces of road,
  •  2x Off road ramps,
  •  3x Travel train carriages,
  •  3x Play figures,
  •  1x Car
  • , 1x Bus,
  •  1x Suitcase,
  •  1x Sign post
  • Track layout measure 76 x 75 cm/30.4 x 30 in
  • .Ages 3 and up
  • Made of FSC certified wood.

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